Thea Christine Goldberg is a photographer and Brooklynite.  From 2009 – 2012 she has worked and studied in San Francisco, returning recently to her permanent home in Brooklyn.

She has a BA in Studio Art, a MFA in Photography, and a PHD in Friendship.  Whether a lead photographer, an assistant, or a curator, Thea has worked on shoots and exhibitions for some of San Francisco’s most prestigious restaurants, artists, and institutions.

While her favorite subject is the urban landscape, TCG brings her love for her craft to every project, whether a magazine feature or a wedding.   Thea’s expertise lies in landscape photography, lifestyle photography, cooking the perfect pasta, and eating tacos.  She is also very good at portraits, rapping along to Jay-Z songs, and doing the running man.

Past collaborators use adjectives like enthusiastic, professional, adorable, and ambitious to describe Thea.  From studio jobs to street shoots, for business or fun, from corporate clients to grass-roots causes, music or food, advertisement or art, from Brooklyn to the Bay, always with a smile and with love.






Photo Credit – Tyler Gourley, 2012